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Why Necessitate to Getting an MBA degree in Delhi

With the increasing demand of MBA all across the country, aspiring candidates are looking for colleges that are good in providing degree to them. A number of colleges are being opened across the country that is producing more and more MBA professionals every year and thus are successful in establishing them well by providing with [...]

How can you win in the world of Finance?

When I was 8, my dad told me that money does not grow on trees, one has to really work had for it. As I grew up I realised that money would diminish every time I had it. It was like a sort of enmity between money and me. However I had this fascination to [...]

How you can get that star job offer – IIFP placement team will tell you all.

In my thousands of campus recruitment drives I have seen that the most intelligent kids do not get placed while the more street smart ones bag the bigger offers. Confused? Well, initially so was I, but slowly as I started recruiting for my own firm I realized that the companies are looking for guys who [...]

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